Accenture Virtual Healthcare 24x7 Consulting Services


Accenture Virtual Healthcare 24x7 is a collaboration tool for care teams to improve and expand the virtual experience for patients and providers, enhancing remote care and home health

Accenture Virtual Healthcare 24x7 contains multiple Digital Solutions that can stand alone or integrate with EMR and other systems or data sources and can work with or in place of telehealth, leverages Microsoft 365, Azure Communication Services, AI technology (automation, cognitive, etc.) and more to help Providers perform care services virtually, efficiently and effectively. The patient and provider experience is enhanced and improved by features that save time & expenses by automating and reducing human workloads and helps clinicians focus more of their attention on the patient and can be integrated with other Accenture Health assets (e.g., Healthcare on Azure), the broader Microsoft ecosystem (e.g., Azure, Dynamics 365) and with other clinical systems (e.g., EMRs). Can be deployed in a subscription, installed, or SaaS model.

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