Cy:lent Pursuit Threat Hunt: 6-Wk Assessment

Ascent Global, Inc.

Ascent’s intel-based approach to cybersecurity threat hunting helps identify threat actors faster and more accurately than other, more traditional methodologies.

Ascent’s Cy:lent Pursuit™ cyber threat hunt leverages military-influenced patrol methods to close the gap between security tool scope and unknown cyber threats.

Security incidents and breaches like the Colonial Pipeline attack and the on-premises Exchange breach are inevitable cross-industry events. Corporate cyber threats have moved from “if” to “when?” Businesses realize the need to proactively test and examine their systems to mitigate vulnerability risk and strengthen their posture for the future.

Cy:lent Pursuit™ drives: ■ Decreased adversary dwell time ■ Decreased staff hours on remediation ■ Decreased frequency of malware infections ■ Decreased time to reach containment ■ Improved attack surface hardening ■ Improved exfiltration detection

Deliverables ■ Threat Patrol plan ■ Threat Patrol report ■ Documented threat mitigation recommendations

Workloads Driven for the Microsoft Field ■ E5 ■ ACR ■ AAD ■ MEM ■ Defender ■ Sentinel

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