Microsoft 365 Security Health Check Assessment 3-Wk

Bulletproof Solutions Inc.

Review and Provide a full comprehensive assessment report on Microsoft 365 security and controls enabled across the environment

The Purpose of this offer is to:
• Review Microsoft 365 security best practices and controls enabled across the environment.
• Highlight areas of improvements for Microsoft 365 security controls.
• Provide remediation recommendations for Microsoft 365 security controls.
• Highlight any risks and vulnerabilities in the tenant.
• Provide roadmap of recommendations.

This engagement will allow you to gain insight into the various Identity, Device, Data, and Application controls and potential problems. Bulletproof will also provide a plan of action towards reducing risk and security gaps.

Areas to Scope:
• Defender 365 Security portal
• Entra ID Identity Protection (formerly Azure AD Identity Protection)
• Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
• Microsoft Defender for Identity
• Microsoft Defender for Office 365
• Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
• Microsoft Intune
• Microsoft Defender for Cloud (If Azure services are present)

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