Copilot for Security Rapid Test Flight | 2-Wk Workshop

Bulletproof Solutions Inc.

This is a two-week engagement tailored to ensure you receive expert assistance in deploying your Copilot for Security effectively and efficiently.

Bulletproofs Copilot for Security Rapid Test Flight program will help customers get started with Copilot for Security quickly. The goal is to help customers hit the ground running and provide consulting expertise as we are one of the few early adopters and private preview partners which help providing feedback to Microsoft.

Week #1: 4x2hr sessions:

Session #1: Provisioning & Permissions: Kick the Tires: Provision and monitor capacity of Security Compute Units (SCU’s) + Define and assign roles for users. Session #2: Introduction to Copilot for Security – How it works under the hood. Session #3: Use cases in the Standalone Experience – Navigate the Cockpit #A Session #4: Microsoft Promptbooks & Plugins – Built-in features

Week #2: 4x2hr sessions:

Session #5: Prompt Engineering Best Practices | Time & Cost Savings – Flying Tips Session #6: Use cases in the Embedded Experiences | Beyond SOC Analyst scenarios – Navigate the Cockpit #B Session #7: Custom Promptbooks & Custom Plugins – Endless Customizations Session #8: Q&A + Analyzing findings in customer environment + Next Steps – Safe Landing

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