Dynamics365 Marketing Best Practice Training: 4-Day Workshop

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Intermediate user and admin training for Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities

Our Dynamics 365 Marketing Bootcamp Workshop gives customers like you the opportunity to learn the application’s fundamentals, the extensibility of the tool, and more. Our intermediate-level training workshops help users and admins greatly increase their understanding of Dynamics 365 Marketing while applying operational best practices to their marketing and customer engagement activities. Training workshops are modular to allow for specific learning in key areas, or to take a novice user to the next level across all capabilities.


  • All workshops include feature overview, popular use cases with step-by-step instruction, introduction to advanced features, and post-workshop Q&A.
  • Modular training allows for learning the unique “ins and out’s” of solution capabilities and how to best leverage them.
  • Our seasoned consultants provide best practice insights and recommendations on how to adapt the solution for your unique operational needs.

Training Areas

  • Upon completion, attendees will be able to:
  • Generate real-time, moments-based marketing journeys using triggers or segments.
  • Create lead intake forms and landing pages so you along with sales know how to use the tool to nurture and qualify leads and track their separate expressions of interest.
  • Plan, promote, and execute your in-person or virtual events right within the marketing application.
  • Know how to best set up your subscription management process and understand how to set up your marketing campaign with respect to subscription preferences
  • Utilize and interpret the insights and analytics the marketing applications offers you
  • Fine-tune application behavior, set marketing defaults, check quotas, manage core marketing settings, and more
  • Advance your marketing campaigns through the use of advanced features like A/B testing, automated scheduling and more

Training Agenda Day 1 - Getting your Email Marketing Platform Up and Running Utilizing best practices, this training session will focus on Marketing application setup and core email marketing capabilities. First, you will learn about the different work areas within the Marketing application and how to fine tune application behavior. Second, you will learn how to upload and manage assets, create marketing emails, build segments, understand triggers, and send marketing emails through customer journeys.

Day 2 - Utilize Forms and Pages to Generate Leads and Enrich Your Customer Data This session will cover how to create and deploy marketing forms and pages. First, you will learn how to create marketing pages and forms where your customers and prospects can learn more about your organization and opt in to receive communications from marketing or sales. Next, you will learn how to setup and manage your customer communication preferences. Finally, you will learn how to enforce customer preferences through emails and journeys.

Day 3 - How to Plan your Marketing Events from End to End The third day of bootcamp aims to prepare you for planning and setting up events within Dynamics 365 Marketing. At the end of the session, you will know how to setup and manage your event, create and deploy your event communications, manage the registration and check-in processes, and follow up with your customers after the event.

Day 4 – Enhancing your Marketing Efforts with Analytic insights and Advanced Features of the Application The final session will show you how to view and interpret the insights generated from your marketing activities. This session will also showcase advanced email capabilities such as conditional content, design and content ideas, advanced personalization, as well as AI-driven features within journeys.

Notes • We offer additional services including: • Setup, configuration, and training services for forms, pages, event management, SMS, lead scoring, social media engagement, custom triggers, additional marketing templates, BU’s, campaigns, and custom report creation. • Marketing agency services for planning, development, and execution of your marketing campaigns. • Advisory and strategy services to help you develop a unified IT and Marketing strategy and identify new data opportunities and analytical insights. • Additional fees apply.

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