Real Estate CRM implementation: 1-Day Assessment

Dynamica Labs

Assessment of your current CRM, real estate industry best practices benchmarking, and a report on how Dynamics 365 can support your agency's automation.

This one-day assessment is for a company's business leaders and can be done via Skype call.


Virtual Meeting

  • Focuses on current business challenges, defining your company's priorities, and reviewing industry IT best practices in Commercial and Residential Real Estate

CRM assessment

  • Focuses on user adoption review, analysis of data collected, and the KPI's measured in the system


By the end of the audit - an assessment document will be prepared, highlighting:

  • Company's CRM strategy and how Dynamics 365 can support it
  • Current CRM usage and gaps
  • Industry best practices that must be implemented
  • Suggested technology roadmap using Dynamics 365

At a glance