NextGen Windows: 3-Day Workshop


The NextGen Windows Workshop lets you gain visibility into the customers’ hybrid work computing goals and demonstrate the value of Windows 11, Windows 365, and Azure Virtual Desktop solutions.

Bring together a complete end-user computing experience leveraging Windows 365, Windows 11, and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Hybrid work is driving user segmentation with companies needing to invest in role-specific end-user computing solutions, and IT needs an intergraded cloud service to manage the growing complexity. ECF Data offers the NextGen Windows Workshop, a 3-day affair that provides a high-level overview of Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and Windows 11 Enterprise to bring together a complete end-user computing experience that delivers a holistic solution. By attending the workshop, you can expect to achieve these points: -Understand the hybrid work scenarios and end-user computing goals and objectives.
-Gaining insights into a customer's physical and virtual devices landscape. -Learn how Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows Autopatch solutions provide a secure desktop experience from virtually anywhere. -Defining joint next steps.

The workshop will also follow the following format: Day 1: Assess -Kickoff -Customer Questionnaire -NextGen Windows Overview -Hybrid Work with Windows 365 Day 2 : Art of the Possible -Managing NextGen Windows -Trial Implementation Windows 365 -Upgrade to Windows 11 (optional) -Windows Autopatch Discovery(optional)

Day 3 : Build the Plan -Review and preparation of next steps -Microsoft Managed Desktop (optional)

Customer Criteria: -1,000+ Microsoft 365 E3 or Microsoft 365 E5 PAU -15% or greater Intune usage -Windows devices currently under Intune management

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