Enhance IT Security: 1-2-Wk Implementation

FMT Consultants

FMT offers a smart security solution that protects your business, your employees, and your clients while providing a reliable, scalable, and durable approach to keeping your business up and running.

FMT can help you leverage Microsoft 365 and Azure, Protect Your Business and Your Clients with the FMT Business Continuity and Security Bundle

By leveraging Microsoft 365, FMT uses the best available Microsoft solutions to provide a reliable, scalable, and durable approach to keep your business up and running at all times and from any location.

Over the last six months, as many of us shift to working remotely, the challenge of maintaining data security and compliance has changed. However, most small and mid-size businesses are ill-prepared to support a remote workforce and lack basic, practical tools for protecting their businesses from attack.

Of the 28M small businesses in the US, more than half have suffered a data breach AND a cyber-attack with damage ranging from $48k to $148k. If that number concerns you, move now to take advantage of the FMT Business Continuity and Security Bundle.


  1. Add layered security and productivity.
  2. Use multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, and single sign-on.
  3. Enable ability to add any device from any location.
  4. Preserve secure data backup.
  5. Activate security without enrollment.
  6. Provide cloud-based storage.
  7. Enable robust disaster recovery.
  8. Replicate and protect your servers and data to global secure locations.
  9. Implementation, Support, Training and ongoing Support


Typical Professional Services are $31,000 USD this anticipates 50 users/ 2 servers, however actual pricing depends on consumption, complexity and license costs.

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