Modern Workplace Assessment


This assessment supports businesses in their cloud journey to quickly develop or migrate into a modern cloud-based organisation by implementing a Software as a Service Strategy with Microsoft 365.

Our Modern Workplace Assessment Service makes the best use of intelligent tooling and in-house expertise to get you on the right track. The process runs in three stages over four weeks: scoping, analysis, and reporting.

Scope and Analysis

Discovery scans of customer Hardware and software are utilised for productivity, evaluating the security and compliance positions

Coverage • All desktop software, hardware on-premises • Information, frontline worker infrastructure • Windows or virtualisation technologies

Reporting The report delivers Insights, analysis, recommendations for moving to Office 365/Microsoft 365 documented with:

• Executive summary • Customer business objectives • Scope of project • Data-driven findings on the analysis • Suggested architecture and migration recommendations • Provide Microsoft 365 and Surface recommendations • Detailed cost estimates for different scenarios of cloud deployment

Value add for customers is leveraged by creating a clear understanding and defining an IT strategy to accommodate the demands of business units and digital transformation streams. Customers get to know how to transform IT to the elaborated IT target landscape, especially regarding integrating Microsoft cloud services. The customer can now justify the launch of a new program and several projects to achieve the vision of a Modern Workplace.

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