BRIKHousing: Rent Setting_


The BRIKHousing: Rent Setting_ module simplifies the administrative overhead of the rent setting process.

The rent setting process is complex and time consuming for every social landlord. Various factors like government legislation, property types, resident services, and location affect what can be charged making the process complicated and protracted.

The BRIKHousing: Rent Setting_ module cuts through the administrative overhead of the rent setting process. The solution simplifies this process, reducing the time needed from a week to just a day. It allows organisations to configure the system to meet their needs, streamlining rent setting and saving time and effort by automating the resident letter generation process.

Built for deployment on existing or new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Power Apps implementations the product leverages all the flexibility and capability of the Microsoft platform whilst providing a robust and featured Rent Setting module.

Housing Association Challenges_

  • Changing government policy:​ the Department for Levelling Up and the Housing and Communities decision to apply a 7% ceiling to social housing rent increases.
  • Offsetting government grants​: dealing with diminishing rental income and reduced central government grants.
  • Accuracy of rent and service charges:​ accurately calculating and managing rents.
  • Manual processes causing risk:​ reliance on manual processing in spreadsheets introduces significant risk, mistakes and siloed information and skills.
  • Keeping pace with rising inflation and costs:​ many residents do not have incomes that keep pace with inflation. Residents who are struggling to sustain their tenancies end up requiring more resources from you.​


  • Ensures compliance: compliance with rent charge regulations.
  • Simplifies calculations: simplifies complex rent increase calculations, saving time and money.
  • Automation: automated processes remove the need for manual tasks and increase productivity.
  • Centralisation: centralises rent setting maximising efficiency.
  • Streamlined processing: frees up staff time to support your customers elsewhere.

Key features

  • Rent and uplift:​ Formula-based rent and uplift calculations.​
  • Fully customisable:​ allows for percentile increases or more complex formulas based on property and tenancy type
  • SharePoint integration:​ integrates with SharePoint for document storage and retrieval.​
  • Automated Letter Generation: Sends letters automatically to all residents notifying them of rent changes​.
  • Integrated SMS solution:​ SMS Solution for automated sending and receiving of text messages.

Why Infinity Group?

We have significant social housing expertise with over 20 dedicated housing specialists, 15 implementations, 25 national awards and 96% customer satisfaction.

At Infinity Group, we are ROI-Centric. We emphasise measurable benefits, helping organisations like yours to leverage Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 for:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Streamline, automate, and integrate diverse business processes.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Use tools like Customer Insights for personalised interactions.
  • Data-driven decisions: Analyse vast data for actionable insights.
  • Scalability and agility: Seamlessly scale with a cloud-based infrastructure.

Infinity Group is one of few organisations globally that holds Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner status which means we are recognised by Microsoft across six solution designation areas covering: Infrastructure (Azure), Data and AI (Azure), Digital and App Innovation (Azure), Security, Business Applications and Modern Work.

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