Mergers and Acquisitions: 1-month implementation

Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

Mergers and acquisitions are messy. Interlink will build the foundation for a smooth infrastructure consolidation process.

Technology should be embedded into your approach to M&A transactions. After an acquisition, you'll need to combine information technology to create a consolidation infrastructure. Interlink has combined the infrastructures of hundreds of firms post-merger. We advise clients in making the best decision for their individual situation, then we help them get the work done. We use the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications along with Microsoft Azure.

Our six-stage methodology, we can help you get organized, make the best decisions, implement, and support you moving forward.

1 - Understanding the goals and vision of the acquired company and ends with building a high-level integration plan

2 - Full assessment of the parent and acquired entities' IT environments

3 - Build your new IT infrastructure and start the integration of the first few firms

4 - Build IT standardization at scale

5 - Build shared services which serve as the foundation of communication, collaboration, and IT operations

6 - Optimize all the infrastructure, processes and builds to serve the ongoing operations - including future acquisitions - of the parent company

Utilizing Microsoft cloud-based technology, Interlink will help you meet the technology challenges of infrastructure consolidation during the M&A process.

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