Power BI: 3-Day Proof of Concept

Kiefer Consulting

Kiefer Consultants will work with your team to help you in building a Power BI proof of concept.

As organizations explore possible applications for Microsoft Power BI, we often recommend a proof of concept (PoC). A PoC offers organizations the opportunity to see their data on a dashboard and data visualizations that have relevance to them. Demonstrations of dashboards that we have built for other clients do not resonate like a dashboard that presents visualizations that are relatable and data that is familiar.

We have discovered that POCs that are built to answer 3 or 4 questions about a client’s data will frequently result in the client asking to see the dashboard answer 3 or 4 more questions that they hadn’t considered. This demonstrates the value of using actual data as opposed to using pre-built demos to show the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI.

Data can come from just about any systems. Kiefer has a proven approach to extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) the data and blending data from multiple sources to build a data warehouse. This warehouse will feed dashboards that pull data from one or more sources. Instead of having to inspect lines of tabular data or having to uncover trends on a spreadsheet, dashboards can help organizations better consume complex sets of data and make better decisions, quickly.

Our team can help you better understand how to get data from systems.

In order to build the POC dashboard, our Power BI team will complete the following tasks

Day1: Gather required data Transform (details below)

Day 2: Modeling Visualization

Day 3: Test Publish

Customers must have licenses for Power BI.

Deliverable: A dashboard that answers 3-4 questions using data provided by the client. This is a mentoring engagement where we work closely with the client so they can get a better understanding of Power BI.

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