Fundraising & Engagement + Marketing: 4-month implementation

Start your Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit journey by implementing Microsoft's Fundraising & Engagement + Dynamics 365 Marketing with in 4 months

4-month implementation includes installation and configuration of Microsoft Fundraising & Engagement and Dynamics 365 Marketing coupled with our industry leading customer success and support. You'll partner with our team to configure the solution to meet your unique needs, learn how to raise more funds with AI powered fundraising and marketing solutions from Microsoft, establish a new foundation for constituent engagement for your organization, and gain a partner for life with's expert team.

The following details the stages of the project - refer to the attached offer details for more information:

Stage 1 (8 Hours): Project Kick Off

  • Define project goals and objectives
  • Identify key stakeholders and project team members
  • Establish project timeline and milestones
  • Conduct initial project meetings to align everyone involved

Stage 2 (40 Hours): Environment Setup

  • Set up the necessary components of Azure and Dynamics for Fundraising and Engagement
  • Configure settings and ensure licenses are in place
  • Create a development and test environment for testing and configuration purposes

Stage 3 (48 Hours): Training

  • Develop a training program tailored to the organization's needs
  • Provide comprehensive training sessions on system navigation, donor management, and reporting
  • Conduct hands-on workshops and provide resources for continuous learning and support

Stage 4 (80 Hours): Iterative Configuration and Customization

  • Gather requirements from stakeholders and understand the organization's specific needs
  • Configure the Fundraising and Engagement to align with processes and workflows
  • Customize fields, forms, and workflows to accommodate unique requirements
  • Continuously refine and adjust the configuration based on user feedback and testing

Stage 5 (40 Hours): Data Migration Analysis and Design

  • Analyze existing data sources and assess data quality
  • Map data from legacy systems to the corresponding fields in the Fundraising and Engagement system
  • Design a data migration strategy and plan for data cleansing, transformation, and validation
  • Estimate total time needed for Data Migration Actual Migration of Data is not included in this work plan

Stage 6 (32 Hours): Implementation

  • Deploy the configured Fundraising and Engagement solution to the production environment
  • Conduct thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure system functionality
  • Prepare for a smooth transition from the old system

Stage 7 (80 Hours): Post-Go-Live Support and Configuration of Marketing

  • Provide ongoing support to users, addressing any issues or questions that arise
  • Fine-tune and adjust the system based on user feedback and evolving needs
  • Configure marketing functionalities to leverage the system for targeted campaigns and donor engagement
  • Monitor system performance and provide continued training and support to maximize system utilization

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