ESG Analytics Dashboard

UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

ESG Analytics dashboard effectively tracks and monitors investment performance by incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors to market risk and make informed investment decision

The future of finance goes hand in hand with social responsibility, environmental stewardship and corporate ethics. Financial institutions lack comprehensive risk assessment capabilities and overlook important ESG-related risks, such as climate change impacts, social controversies, or governance issues, which can significantly impact a company's financial performance and sustainability. Financial institutions struggle to evaluate the ESG performance of companies in their investment portfolios without ESG analytics.

Identifying ESG Risks and Enhancing Risk Management: The ESG Analytics dashboard identifies potential ESG risks and controversies associated with companies, enabling better risk management and informed investment decisions.

Optimizing Portfolios with ESG Integration: The solution integrates ESG data with the financial institution's portfolio holdings and financial data, enabling the optimization of the portfolio by incorporating ESG constraints and objectives.

Monitoring ESG Impact for Informed Investment Decisions: Regular ESG monitoring evaluates the portfolio's impact on financial performance, aiding better investment decisions for customers through ESG integration.

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