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CAMP 365 is a member system for professional organizations.

The app that manages member organization's administrative processes

All-in-one solution for member organizations

CAMP 365 brings together all the association's membership data, finance functions and other association activities in one platform. CAMP 365 provides maximum overview, less administration and maximum security for data and operations. CAMP 365 is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central standard platform. This means that CAMP 365 is fully integrated with Office 365, Power BI and other Microsoft and Microsoft partner solutions.

Do you trust your member data?

In many member organizations, the secretariat's staff spend too much time on manual tasks, because the integration between the administrative systems is inadequate or non-existent. Another challenge is unique data. If Mr. Hansen has paid his quota on September 17. Are you sure the data shown is identical when?

  • You look up the membership system
  • Mr. Hansen logs in to the website
  • The finance manager looks at the financial system or in the report to the board?

How much value does good integration have?

Most Member organizations can save significant amounts by integrating the administrative systems so that the manual processes are reduced, and data is identical and valid. The challenge is often that the existing IT systems are older and therefore not suitable to integrate without it entailing large costs for the development and maintenance of "bridges" between the systems.

Supported editions

This app supports the Essentials Edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries


Supported languages

The app is available in Danish (Denmark) and English (United States)

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