Fidesic AP for BC with Multi-Entity Management

by Enliven Software LLC

Touchless AI Powered Invoice Capture, Approval Workflow, and Payment Processing

Get the tools you need to make payables awesome in Business Central using Binary Stream's Multi-Entity Management!

Easy to Implement. Value within the first month.

The full Fidesic accounts payable automation suite includes invoice capture, approval workflow, pay fulfillment and vendor portal. Implement Fidesic AP automation tools à la carte or get the full suite.

Fully Managed Invoice Data Capture with Location Support

No more invoice floods to fight through on the first of the month

Simplified Approval Workflows
Only spend time approving and validating the things that matter, set everything up on auto-pilot

Payments that "Just work"
You just pick what needs to be paid, we'll handle fulfillment in whatever method you want

Secure Vendor Portal
Enable vendors to submit and status-check their own invoice. Make payables invoices easier to manage and secure vendor info with your branding.

At a glance