Subscription Management

by MDC Nordic

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Manage recurring sales and subscription based business the easy way.

Manage Customer Subscriptions and Subscription Invoicing easily and effectively.

Why use Subscription Management?

Do you keep a list of customer subscriptions in excel or do you spend a lot of time invoicing your customers the same service or item month after month? Or maybe you forget to invoice a customer? Or maybe you are about to start a subscription business to improve your customer relations and create recurring revenue for you?
Subscription Management by MDC Nordic can help you register and maintain customer subscriptions and enables you to easily create invoices directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Who can use Subscription Management?

Any business type could benefit from Subscription Management. Use it for periodic rentals, it-services, licenses, memberships, garden services, newspaper subscriptions etc.
Use Subscription Management if you want to
• minimize the time to create recurring invoices
• minimize the risk of forgetting to invoice the customer
• avoid manual to-do lists of customer subscriptions
• improve the overview and follow-up of your customer subscriptions

What are the main features?

If you buy the Standard Plan Subscription Management, you can:
• set up Subscription Management yourself to fit your business needs
• set up as many customer subscriptions as you like
• set up individual charging intervals for each customer’s subscriptions
• set up one-time subscriptions
• plan and post subscription invoices automatically based on the customer subscriptions
• be sure, that customer subscriptions are automatically updated to next invoicing date

In the Premium Plan Subscription Management, you can even:
• create your own subscription items – an alias for a G/L Account, Item or Resource to improve your accounting
• segment your subscription items in subscription types to improve follow-up
• create subscription groups consisting of one or more subscription items. Entering a subscription group to a customer subscription will automatically create all the subscription items of the group, saving you a lot of the time.

Supported editions

Essential and Premium version of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Unites States, Faroe Islands

Supported languages

This app is available in Danish (Denmark), Swedish (Sweden) and English (United States)

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