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Hotel accounting and Management Control with USALI reporting for hotel chains and single hotels

Hotel Back Office

Hotel Management Control arrives in the cloud thanks to Hotel Back Office, the App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows you to manage the administration, general accounting, warehouse and Management Control activities of your hotel or hotel chain from any browser and device 24/24 and 7/7 without the constraint of being in the office.

Perfect for general ledger

Hotel Back Office includes specific functions for administrative and accounting activities: it is therefore the right tool to keep the general and statutory accounting of your hotel or hotel chain and formulate the financial statements according to national laws.

Management Control

The Back Office Hotel features Management Control tools allow you to constantly monitor, day by day, on a monthly basis and on an accrual basis, all costs and revenues at all levels of your organization, assigning them to the correct responsibility center. This will allow you to assess the health status of your hotel or group:

· How is the company doing economically and financially?

· What are the minimum revenues to cover management costs?

· How profitable is each department?

· What are the services to push?

· What is the most appropriate sales mix?

· Are there any services that should be outsourced?

The USALI model

Hotel Back Office uses the USALI - Uniform System of Accounts Reporting for the Lodging Industry, the reference standard for international hotel accounting, designed specifically for hotel companies that allow you to prepare analytical balances, define budgets and build comparative reports useful for monitoring the health of your hotel and your hotel chain based on the analysis of the progressive.

From PMS to Hotel Back Office and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Thanks to the PMS Interface app, Hotel Back Office is integrated with the main international PMS such as protel and Opera: this ensures that all accounting and non-accounting movements relating to revenues of all departments are acquired daily, after being checked by the administrative staff, to update the general accounting and, thanks to the reclassification rules, the analytical accounting.

This app supports the Essential edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom; Germany, Belgium, United States, France, South Africa.

Supported languages: Italian, English and Spanish

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