Commerce 365 for Magento - B2B Module

by NVision Commerce Solutions B.V.

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Extend your Commerce 365 for Magento with B2B functionalities

Commerce 365 for Magento enables you to run your Magento e-commerce store(s) directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This B2B module adds what you need to run a proper B2B store.

The core application, Commerce 365 for Magento, already adds all PIM functionalities, and takes care of synchronizing catalog data, inventory, and orders, shipments, and invoices. But, to run a B2B store, you need a few additional functionalities. That is why we have created this second module which extends Commerce 365 for Magento with full support for Dynamics 365 Business Central customer specific pricing and discounts. This module also extends the sales area with complete sales document history and it enables the use of multiple logins per customer.

Extended functionality

After installing this extension you still have one e-commerce extension running in your Business Central environment. It has just gained a few more features.

Pricing & discounts

Business Central is a bit more advanced compared to standard Magento in terms of customer specific pricing and discounts. With this module installed, Magento will show your customers exactly their customer specific prices and discounts. This module is built on top of highly scalable Azure components. No matter how many price lists you have and how big your catalog is, this module will take care of it all. Both the classic and new pricing experience are supported.

Sales document history

With this module active in Business Central you can simply activate synchronization of sales quotes, sales orders, shipments, invoices and credit memo's. It will also make the original PDF document available for your customers.

Custom fields

All custom fields, whether they are added by another ISV solution or a customer specific customization (PTE), are also made available as part of the sales document history datasets. This makes it very easy to add extra information like tracking and payment links to your Magento portal pages.

Multiple logins per customer

The B2B module add the ability to handout multiple logins per customer. Each contact can have their own Magento login.

Developer features

Just as we strive to make these extensions as user friendly as possible, we also want them to be developer friendly. To do this, we add integration events everywhere within the software. This makes it easy to add custom logic in almost every area. And, next to that the software comes with a very complete set of codeunits with easy to use functions. This means that even without technical knowledge of the extension data model, you can still safely add custom logic to further extend the extension behaviour. The online manual also contains a lot of information about these topics.

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Supported editions

Essential and Premium editions of Business Central.

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