Arbela Master Data Centralization (MDC)

Arbela Technologies Corp.

Centralize your master data management

The Arbela Master Data Centralization (MDC) for Dynamics 365 F&O is a robust and non-invasive solution for multi-company and nationals to manage their critical master data across their enterprises. 
MDC's main capabilities include:
  • Create master data locally and manage the critical information centrally
  • Controls and release master data information across companies including data specific fields
  • Manages prospects locally and becomes customer/vendors centrally if desired
  • Manages master data from all companies -- entering centrally or locally and release to specific companies based on business needs. Ensuring centralized payments, credit limit setting, customer information protection, etc.
  • Ability to selectively setup which customer/vendor fields to manage centrally/locally
  • Approval process and control for addresses
  • Centralizes master data for a single instance of Dynamics 365 F&O
  • Separate module for setup and maintenance - can be controlled via standard security
  • Ability to save the master data into one or multiple centralized company for flexibility.
  • Ability to create master data in any transactional local company (ex. creating a customer in any company) -- and then automatically centralizing it by copying it to a centralized company
  • Works with customizations and 3rd party add-ons