AXAD System

by ANEGIS sp. z o.o.

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Full-featured business management solution engineered for the media and advertising industry.

The AXAD system offers a comprehensive management solution covering all functions of the agency workflow, from sales and CRM to billing and campaign delivery.


Control customer credit and maintenance.

  • Use extended functionality in sales & order processing.
  • Expire quotations on a given day of the week or month.
  • View price modifiers in sales quotations and sales orders.
  • View and edit order totals in sales quotations and sales orders.

Manage scheduling and artwork.

  • View approval status at the campaign and sales order level.
  • Notify the client of the required technical spec and standards.
  • Indicate the quantity of copy received next to each campaign in the dashboard.
  • View a graphical high-level diagram of order progress.

Cancel and amend campaign orders.

  • Cancel or amend after charge date but before in-charge date.
  • Cancel or amend after in-charge date.
  • Cancel or amend before charge deadline.

Bill clients flexibly.

  • Bill inventory for the duration of the in-charge period.
  • Bill a set number of days ahead of the in-charge date.
  • Part-bill a campaign order at regular intervals.
  • Apply averaged sales prices over an in-charge period.

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