Alithya 365 Dairy

by Alithya Fullscope Solutions, Inc.

365 Dairy is crucial for your dairy business operations and compliance with daily requirements.

All food manufacturers who produce dairy-based finished goods face many distinct challenges arising from unique dairy processing-specific regulatory requirements, complex accounting and reporting rules, quality testing demands, traceability needs, complex formulations/processing requirements, and blend calculations. To help meet these challenges, Alithya 365 Dairy was designed specifically to address these issues. Alithya 365 Dairy is a critical component required to run your dairy-related business operations and to meet the requirements and regulations that confront you daily.

Our 365 Dairy solution provides the following key concepts that have been highlighted as screenshots below:
• We have added a new product dimension for dairy class that is supported throughout the solution using product variants and cost can be accounted for by dairy class.
• A Dairy Processing Workspace can be utilized to support all dairy-related transactions.
• Inventory is tracked on a dairy component level and can be viewed using our On-hand Inventory by Tank Inquiry.
• Reclassifications from default storage class to transaction class can be performed manually or are automatically done for you at the time of need. In this example, we have automatically created a transfer journal to move the inventory of the dairy components from the default storage class to the transaction class so that it can be picked for an order and accounted for by the right dairy class and cost.
• Various reports are available that demonstrate dairy receiving and consumption. This example is for Dairy receiving data output.

At a glance