eLite SIS

by Apar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Education ecosystem is experiencing a paradigm shift. Schools are increasingly becoming multi-campus. Collaboration amongst institutes across various geographies to leverage skill, scale and economy is taking off. The complexity of transformation has further compelled institutes to explore innovative methods and connected technologies while addressing the numerous challenges that they are grappling with. eLite SIS-K12, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM framework, is a complete Student Relationship Management system that offers personalized experience for students/parents and provides a unied platform for education sector to achieve organizational objectives. Institutes can achieve exceptional relationship with the guardians and enhance their resource efficiency by integrating all functions in a digital ecosystem. Designed with an objective of ready-to-use solution, eLite SIS-K12 facilitates institutes to manage student information and administrative functions with optimum exibility. While parents today desire that their ward's learning experience should be personalized, rich, dynamic and collaborative, institutes require a comprehensive solution that not only manages the organizational business processes efficiently, but also facilitates exceptional Student Relationship Management thereby giving a new dimension to learning. From prospects through students to alumni, the lifecycle of students is poised to experience the marvels of innovation in education technologies. Sensing the urgency of transformation in education ecosystem, Apar has developed a comprehensive solution eLite SIS-K12 (Student Information System) that addresses the diverse needs of students, faculty, staff, and management. Our solution integrates various organizational elements and business processes to drive efficiency, accountability, and transparency, while delivering superior student experience. With eLite SIS-K12, you not only interface with the most adaptable, flexible and scalable solution, but also ensure the robustness of managing educational institutes from a future technological onslaught

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