by Armis, Sistemas de Informação, Lda

Combine knowledge with career plans and keep your teams motivated to work in what they really enjoy!

Many organisations and their HR teams have great difficulties in creating career plans adapted to their employees, either because of the lack of automation in this process, or even because of the lack of time generated by the daily rush.

Skillab is a solution that allows organisations to visualise the level of each employee and present them with training that is suited to their profile and at the same time integrated into a tool that they use on a daily basis (Teams), would digitally transform the workflow of HR teams.

This e-learning platform, in addition to having a training and certification plan accessible to the entire business community, make available training suggested by employee profile, as well as the mandatory training included in the employee's career plan.

In addition to the above, our e-learning platform is an intelligent tool for retaining talent, considering that it contributes to raising the motivation of employees, through an awarding system, associated with their training achievements.

Skillab is an intelligent solution that will be used by thousands of people and that will allow the process and workflow of HR teams to be automated, while strengthening the link between the organisation and the employee.

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