Construction BT

by Blackwater Tech

Construction BT streamlines project management, resource scheduling, and financials

Construction BT is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline project management processes by integrating project planning, resource scheduling, time tracking, expense management, and invoicing functionalities. It enables organizations to efficiently plan, execute, and monitor projects, while also providing insights into project performance and profitability. With its seamless integration with other Dynamics 365 applications and Office 365 tools, Construction BT empowers teams to collaborate effectively, optimize resource utilization, and deliver projects on time and within budget
Construction BT benefits a wide range of users involved in project-based industries, including project managers, resource managers, team members, finance teams, sales teams, executives and customers
Construction BTaddresses several key needs and pains for customers in project-based industries like efficient resource utilization, project profitability, project visibility and control, streamlined operations, enhanced collaboration and improved customer satisfaction

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