Centric Self Service Scheduling (CS3) Portal

by Centric Consulting, LLC

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Self Service Scheduling tool utilizing D365 CE

The Centric Self-Service Scheduling Portal is a custom SaaS solution for self-service scheduling utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This solution leverages a public portal in which prospective customers can schedule appointments with available personnel. Since this custom solution is built within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, the ability to use automated reminders, emails, tasks, and analytics associated with the self scheduling process requires minimal custom code.

The Centric Self-Scheduling Solution Pilot version seamlessly integrates with your company’s website to provide customers a portal from which to schedule appointments. Capture customer contact information as they enter the portal while leveraging Dynamics 365 duplicate detection to ensure that each Lead is unique. The appointment scheduling form is highly customizable and interfaces with Dynamics 365 to pull only available days and times from the Schedule Board. Because these fields are dynamically populated based on the agent calendars, it is impossible for an agent to be double-booked. Each agent can configure his or her own business hours, vacations, holidays, etc. in this easy-to-use calendar. This solution leverages custom entities within Dynamics 365 to demonstrate how the real estate industry could utilize this functionality for property appointments.  However, this solution can be utilized by almost any industry.

On-submission of the appointment form, a new appointment record is created in Dynamics 365 and added to the Schedule Board, making the agent unavailable for more appointments at that time. Easily configure any number of additional automated activities to occur at this time, such as sending confirmation emails or creating a follow-up phone call activity tied to the Lead record. Because this solution is managed in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, these automated activities and workflows can be configured with no custom code to help agents increase productivity and stay up-to-date on all touchpoints with customers.

This pilot demonstrates limited functionality and is used to show the capabilities of self scheduling within Dynamics 365.  Centric has created a commercial version of this solution, that has increased functionality such as a scheduling rules engine, ties between O365 and D365 schedules, over-ride appointment functionality, email templates, and more.  

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