LoyaltyOne Customer Loyalty Management Solution - powered by Power Platform and Customer Insights

by Cognizant

Inspire loyalty and harness the power of customer data

Research shows that 79% of consumers will switch brands if their trust is broken, with 49% doing so immediately.* Hyper-personalized experiences and frictionless interactions are now vital to keep your customers coming back again and again. LoyaltyOne is a modern solution designed to help retail/travel/hospitality industry utilize customer data to create tailored loyalty experiences that boost satisfaction, improve the buyers’ journey and increase customer lifetime value.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Customer Insight, LoyaltyOne provides a comprehensive, intelligent experience with loyalty and customer data management built in.

With LoyaltyOne you’ll gain:

  • Unparalleled customer data visibility, breaking down silos between touchpoints and points of sale
  • An enhanced customer experience with robust integration capabilities for customer-facing channels
  • Increased customer loyalty with the ability to provide tailored loyalty experiences and personalized rewards and promotions
  • Increased self-service, reducing the cost to serve your customers
  • An optimized, customizable platform to help your business innovate and succeed in the new era of customer experience

In addition, LoyaltyOne will streamline your entire loyalty program, enabling you to:

  • Create, execute and analyze multiple programs at the same time
  • Define promotions on the fly with flexible rules and actions
  • Define tier level, expiry criteria, automatic tier transition rules
  • Generation of unique IDs for virtual membership cards, program membership, tracking of sales interactions
  • A rule engine at the heart of the solution where internal users can configure Promotions, Rules, Discount and Actions, Tier and many more
  • Track customer purchases and provide them with Loyalty Points based on Promotions
  • Set up products for code redemption and automatic display of eligible redeemable products
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing POS and e-commerce applications
  • Integrate with referral programs and social media, based on positive sentiment analysis reward points are provided.
  • Accelerate sales with a buying Process that is made and provides options to pay with either Cash or Loyalty points
  • Virtual Customer support (in the form of Bot) for quick and continuous answers as well as for placing order
  • Easy and user-friendly app for viewing every related detail of transactions and invoices
  • A 360-degree customer view is a singular comprehensive view of a customer's data. The data could include a customer's basic contact information, their past and present purchasing history, rewards, discount, as well as information on the interactions they had with business touchpoints that they met on their customer journey
  • A customer dashboard allows internal user to track how business is performing and demonstrate the value of your online marketing efforts for the business
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