Attachment Extractor moves note and email attachments from Dataverse to SharePoint or Azure Blob

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Save file capacity by moving e-mail attachments and notes

Did you know that up to 70 percent of your Dynamics 365 database could consist of e-mail attachments and documents stored as notes?

Get ready to save valuable space and reduce your storage costs with AttachmentExtractor!

Our tool moves e-mail attachments to either SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage, freeing up space in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data storage. Plus, the extraction process is fully transparent, so your users won't even notice a difference when accessing the files.

  • Save money: Reduce storage costs by moving notes and e-mail attachments to an inexpensive storage such as Azure Blob Storage or SharePoint (supporting the Dynamics 365 SharePoint integration)
  • Unchanged user experience: No difference when accessing extracted content for your users.
  • Speed up migrations and upgrades.
  • Custom extraction rules: Touch only e-mails related to certain tables (Whitelist) or block tables (Blacklist). Set up a scheduler to perform tasks (e.g., extract weekly, daily...) or archive data by defining extraction based on date/time values (e.g. older than X years).
  • Smart filters: Large files are prioritized for movement by smart file size logic, resulting in faster extraction and immediate capacity savings.

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