MHS Assessment Insights

by Multi-Health Systems Inc.

Combine case management and risk assessments in one easy to use system via Microsoft Power Apps.

Public Safety agencies worldwide leverage automation to create efficiencies within their organization and improve outcomes for their communities. Take your automation one step further by combining risk assessment with case management in a single system.


This MHS application is built within Microsoft’s Power App technology and fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) workflows.

This App is available to any customer who wants to access assessments programmed right into their case management workflow by integrating via D365. If you are using D365 already or looking to leverage this powerful platform, this technology is for you.


With the large volume of case-related data generated by public safety organizations day-to-day, it’s critical not to miss key pieces of information or incorrectly organize and store data.

  • Eliminate administrative tasks like setting up users, clients (offenders), data visibility and case load management etc.
  • This application is 100% interoperable with your current OMS seamlessly integrating in users' workflows.
  • This solution spins up a data model in data verse allowing the organization to easily access and interact with data to automate workflows or perform additional analyses and more.
  • This application is off the shelf configurable so it can align with organizational nomenclature (e.g., you can call the app "assessments" instead of "insights" to eliminate staff confusion).
  • Highly safe and secure and aligns with state standards on compliance and security. All data is stored on the client end in their azure tenant, there is no need to worry about PII leaving the organization’s system.


  • HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.
  • Easy integration into already existing D365 system allowing users to administer assessments and generate reports through D365.
  • A helpful insights page allows a user to see a “snapshot” of all evaluations without downloading full reports.
  • Access to end-to-end solutions offering a 360-degree view of your client’s journey by maintaining current information on each individual.
  • Merge resources and consolidate tools into a central command center that operates from a single database, removing the need for multiple entry.

The MHS Advantage

For over 40 years, MHS has provided trusted data-driven solutions across our core disciplines, including Public Safety. Science and research are the basis of MHS’s roots and future innovations. With new standards for toolsets, we help clients evaluate, track, and leverage human-centric data to help realize full potential. By realizing potential in every individual, we offer improved outcomes for communities. We are guided by a clearly articulated digital trust framework to ensure that the rights and privacy of our clients are always protected.

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