Mobile Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Project Operations

by proMX AG

Track your working times by converting your Outlook calendar entries to time bookings on the go.

What is Mobile Time Tracking?

Mobile Time Tracking is an app for mobile devices and browser use. It saves you time and effort with the often tedious but essential task of recording your working hours.

Thanks to connecting with Microsoft Outlook, you can see all appointments from your Outlook calendar in the app as well as convert them directly into precise bookings with only a few clicks. The date, time, duration and title of the entry are imported from Outlook. Simply select the right project and task from a drop-down menu, and your time record is good to be submitted! Of course, you can also track tasks that are not in your calendar.

The app provides you with an overview of all projects you are involved in. See who else is working on a certain project, how many hours you have booked on it so far and when you will reach the next milestone.

Why Mobile Time Tracking?

As an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Mobile Time Tracking is the perfect app for tracking hours worked on projects. The add-on is especially useful for professional services companies that prepare customer invoices based on employees’ time records.

Key features of Mobile Time Tracking:

  • Synchronization with Outlook calendar
  • Connection with Microsoft app To Do
  • Creating, editing and submitting time entries from anywhere
  • Project and task overviews
  • Summary of time entries in draft, submission and approval state

Mobile Time Tracking is a perfect combination with other proMX add-ons for Dynamics 365, for example Time Tracking, Approval Manager or Holiday Management.


The app is available in English. A German version will be available soon.


The app costs €8 per user/month.

Please note: Mobile Time Tracking extends Dynamics 365 Project Operations and is not a standalone app.

Who developed this app?

proMX has been working as an implementation partner in the field of Dynamics 365 since its launch. The Microsoft Gold Partner also develops add-ons for Dynamics 365. Our products are designed to help you get the most out of your solution: by adding new features, increasing flexibility, or boosting existing functionality. Let us reinvent your productivity together!

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