Configurable checklist

by Saina Cloud Consulting Services

Configurable checklist with parallel workflow in Power Apps integrated with Dynamics 365 Operations

A canvas app designed to create configurable checklist in an organization. Checklist goes for parallel workflow approvals within custom built workflow system. This app is also integrated with Dynamics 365 for Operations standard workflow process, where certain steps of approvals can be done in Dynamics 365 or Operations. Only for the selected users external approvals can be triggered.
  1. Canvas app with Microsoft data verse as data sources
  2. Parallel workflow
  3. Power app inbuilt security role

Application features
1. Role based application - App supports multiple roles of users. Roles are defined by licensing model, bases on the roles respective functionality is available.
2. Parallel approver workflows - Workflows are designed to have parallel approvals configured. Also workflows can be configurable to the users in D365 Operations or in power apps.
3. Easily import Active directory users - Users maintained in Azure Active directory are imported in this application. By using this role assignment will be simpler and configurable.
4. User Security screen for providing access - Security of the power apps is configurable by the Admin users of the app. User group level security is provided to each and every screen.
5. Multi company - Dynamics 365 for Operations is multi-company application. To cater this need, this Power Apps application can also hold multi-company data.
6. Notifications - Upon getting the parallel activity, workflow notification are maintained within the application.
7. Integrated with D365 Finance and Operations - Workflows can be created in Dynamics 365 Operations, particular steps can be triggered inside Power Apps.
8. Dynamic master creations - Master data's maintained in Dynamics 365 for Operations can be synced with this power app application.
9. Attachments - For every checklist document attachments are provided and those attachments can be stored in Sharepoint or in a specified shared location.

Some sample checklists application can be used
  1. Compliance Checklist
  2. Daily Checklist
  3. Audit Checklist
  4. Inventory Checklist
  5. Packing Checklist
  6. To-Do Checklist
  7. Vehicle Inspection Checklist
  8. Weekly Checklist
  9. Monthly Checklist
  10. Task Checklist
  11. Project Checklist
  12. New Hire Checklist
  13. Product Launch Checklist
  14. Due Diligence Checklist
  15. New Employee Onboarding Checklist
  16. IT Onboarding Checklist
  17. Event Checklist
  18. Software Deployment Checklist
  19. Project Management Checklist
  20. New Client Onboarding Checklist
  21. User Acceptance Testing Checklist
  22. Maintenance Checklist
  23. Office Move Checklist
  24. Construction Checklist
  25. Work Checklist
  26. Offboarding Checklist
  27. Retirement Checklist
  28. Equipment Checklist
  29. Termination Checklist
  30. Training Checklist
  31. Direct Mail Campaign Checklist
  32. Quality Control Checklist
  33. Employee Checklist
  34. Admin Cleaning Checklist

User roles
1. HR
- Can able to view the work items assigned to them
- Can select any of the status against particular task
- Can able to see the percentage of work flow approvals of the user

2. Admin
- Creation of checklist and task against checklist with due date
- Creation of status
- Adding user
- Creating user group
- Assigning security role to the users in user group

3. Workflow user
- Can able to view the work items assigned to them
- Can select any of the status against particular task
- Can able to see the percentage of work flow approvals of the user

Security levels
1. Read - Have only view access the the screen.
2. Write - Have view and create/edit existing records.
3. Delete - Can view/create/edit and delete the existing records.
4. No access - Access will be restricted to the screen.

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