Time Tracking Solution for Dynamics 365

by Skyline Consultants LLC

Keep control of time, manage your tasks efficiently, and control employees' timessheets in a single.

Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 is designed for users to track the time they spend on their daily activities within the CRM interface and has the benefits of:

· Projects from Dynamics 365 vs. Toggl Track synchronization;

· Keeping track of estimated Project time;

· Multi-platform usage;

· Time consumption and reaching the limit notifications.

Toggl is one of the most convenient time trackers that allow users to track their daily activities across different platforms, providing them with detailed insights to optimize the workflow.

Toggl is team-friendly, fun, and multi-functional software. It gives an opportunity to start tracking time from the phone app, stop it on the desktop app, and renew it on the website.

Skyline Consultants has developed an integration between Dynamics 365 and Toggl Track software allowing CRM users to track the time they spend on their tasks linked to specific Projects.

Our solution synchronizes the project users are working on in Dynamics 365 with Toggl Track. Then, whenever the user is ready to start working, he only has to open Toggl on his device (laptop/phone, the Toggl Chrome extension, or the website), choose the name of the project, and click the ‘Play’ button.

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