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Add SMS text messaging to Dynamics 365 for Marketing to reach, engage & communicate with customers.

Updates included in the current release:

  • Added new feature (PhoneID API) which allows you to get detailed and actionable global phone number data intelligence to strengthen authentications, evaluate fraud risks, and enhance the user experience (read more on page 24)
  • Added an option to easily add multiple contacts to Telesign SMS Bulk Message entity (more information on page 13)
  • Implemented new entity “Telesign SMS Trace Logs”, which enables you to trace Telesign’s code in case of any issues with the app (read more about this feature on page 38)
  • Added an option to forward all received SMS messages to specified phone number (more information on page 32)
  • Feature “Associate With Short/Long Code By Default” on keywords now adds the keyword to Short/Long codes every time you set this field to “Yes” (previously only on creation)
  • Fixed an issue with incoming messages not mapping correctly to contact

Easily send SMS text messages from your Dynamics 365 for Marketing implementation

  • Create lists and send text messages to groups of contacts
  • Send individual SMS messages to accounts, contacts and leads
  • View reporting on delivery, completion and clickthrough rates

Maintain a global presence

  • Send SMS messages globally, in more than 200 countries and territories and 87 languages
  • Leverage Telesign’s network, which spans across 700+ high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes providing the highest availability, delivery and completion rates

Deliver differentiated and personalized customer experiences

  • Personalize the customer experience with timely SMS messages and promote repeat purchases
  • Alert customers of stock availability, new products & recalls, scheduled deliveries and payment options
  • Invite customers to visit store locations – increase sales with doorbuster deals
  • SMS can increase user engagement and customer lifecycle values (CLVs)

Proactively communicate via SMS with your customers to

  • Increase conversion rates, customer retention and CSAT rates
  • Rescue abandoned cart sales, remind customers about other products

About Telesign

Telesign connects and protects online experiences with sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions. Through APIs that deliver user verification, data insights, and communications, we solve today’s unique customer challenges by bridging your business to the complex world of global telecommunications.

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