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Validate Address

Pitney Bowes Inc

2.9 (14)

Validate and standardize your addresses in Excel

IMPORTANT NOTE: This App does not work properly on MAC OS.

The Validate Address app standardizes and validates addresses in your Excel spreadsheet using data from postal authorities from around the world.

The Validate Address app will:

• Work with business and residential addresses.

• Correct your address information when possible.

• Add missing information, such as postal codes, city names, and state/province names.

• Format the address components using the format preferred by the countries postal authority.

• Provide a reason why an address is invalid if we can't fix it for you.

The free version (requiring registration with Pitney Bowes) provides access to US addresses using highest quality USPS data to give you delivery point accuracy.

The paid version (available through monthly subscription from Pitney Bowes) gives you access to the following additional features depending on your level of subscription:

• Address block formatting for mailing labels.

• International Addressing support.

• Geo location of the address.

This app requires separate registration with Pitney Bowes for either free or paid use. Paid use is through a monthly subscription with Pitney Bowes.

The app is powered by Pitney Bowe's Spectrum™ OnDemand service.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet