Risk Matrix (Pro)

by Chronodat LLC

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Assess, Track, and Mitigate Risk with Ease

Chronodat Risk Matrix (Pro) add-in enhances your business changes to accurately identify, assess, and monitor business risks. It enables your organization to quickly gain insight into line of business activities by visualizing the risk heat map and dashboard. Add-In provides the technology and methodology to identify all risks that impact your organization and automate risk scoring using dynamic risk matrix. The graphically represented reports within the add-in are useful for explaining the risk status to management.

Chronodat Risk Matrix (pro) for Office 365 is available as a free, fully featured 15-day trial.


  • Quickly identify risks that could impact your objectives, business functions and services

  • Centralize and streamline your risk management program
  • Evaluate and prioritize risks in terms of impact, likelihood and Consequence
  • Develop and track plans for addressing and mitigating risks
  • Easy coordination with internal audit, general counsel and other assurance functions

  • Make fast, informed decisions to prevent and mitigate risks
  • User-friendly interface will give your organization a strategic advantage in managing, mitigating and preventing risk in your business.


  • Provides color-coded, built-in dashboards for quick metrics & reporting, with no configuration needed; there is a Dashboard for all Risks, you see:

  • 10 most recently updated Risks, by Assigned To [Me], Incomplete, Overdue, Due Today, Due This Week, Closed.
  • Risk Status pie chart by Status and Active vs. Closed)
  • Risk Status bar chart, based on Priority
  • Request Status bell curve chart, based on Category
  • Provide you a view of Risks which displays Risks into different categories like by Status, Overdue, Due Today and Due This Week.

  • Risk can be created using a pre-defined Risk prefix example: “Risk-2018-”
  • Configurable Risk Categories, Response and Profile Types all configurable according to your business
  • Pre-written Email Templates for notifications sent to the user, again, configurable according to your business

  • Powerful Search engine to find Risks quickly & easily

  • Export options, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and more

  • Security is built-in, and user access is very customizable

  • Possible to change logo and color scheme

Try Change Risk Matrix (Pro) free 15 days trial now!

Installation & Configuration:

Chronodat Risk Matrix (Pro) add-in is very easy to install and we will help you to configure the add-in if needed. With a few settings you are up and running.


Compatible with IE10 and upper version and latest version of Chrome & Firefox

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