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Accelerate your contract review by presenting your unique negotiating tactics and strategies

Accelerate your contract review while reducing contract risk. Clearlaw deploys machine learning algorithms to help you review contracts quickly and confidently. By integrating the Clearlaw Add-In into your review process, you can spend less time on redlines and close revenue-generating deals faster. Clearlaw presents your unique contract negotiating tactics and strategies at the appropriate time so that you never miss an important term.

Sales teams love using Clearlaw to accelerate their contract review, whether it is a redlined contract or customer paper. Using Clearlaw helps reduce the load on the in-house legal team and/or reduce the money spent on outside counsel.

Legal teams employ Clearlaw to mitigate contract risk by ensuring the entire organization adheres to important contracting standards. Institutional contracting knowledge is retained and disseminated so legal teams aren’t re-creating the wheel with every contract.

Account registration required. Use of the Clearlaw Add-In requires registering your account on the platform in order to present your own unique playbook guidance.

Subscription required for premium features. An additional subscription purchase may apply in order to access premium features.

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