Crisp Data Platform Connector

by Crisp, Inc.

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Get the most out of your distributor and retailer sales data with Crisp.

Many organizations depend on Microsoft Excel to develop deep analytical insights and generate critical reports for business teams. Crisp provides a live data feed from its secure online data warehouse to Excel via an Outbound integration.

Crisp handles the heavy lifting of continually retrieving your company's performance data from multiple retailers' and distributors' supplier portals. Once ingested, your information is consolidated and organized into a comprehensive online data source spanning an extended time period. This data is seamlessly fed into your Excel worksheets, pivot tables, and reports with Crisp's Excel integration.

# Key Benefits

- No more need for manual CSV downloads and data consolidation

- Live data feed of continuously updated information from Crisp's comprehensive, secure online data warehouse

- Automatically updates your Excel worksheets, pivot tables, and reports

# How it Works

Crisp will leverage your supplier portal login credentials to ingest your portal data into your secure Crisp platform account to use this data integration. This data transfer occurs automatically and regularly on the back end, saving you hours of effort and frustration and ensuring your data stays up-to-date. The portal connection is strictly one-way, from your supplier portal to Crisp, so there is no risk to your original data. Crisp then automatically streams this data into your Excel application utilizing industry standards.

# Technical Documentation

For general information on this connector, please visit our Crisp knowledge base > Excel.

For a step-by-step guide on downloading and using the Crisp add-in for Excel, please visit Crisp knowledge base > Downloading and using the Crisp add-in for Excel.

# Access Requirements

You must have an active subscription to the Crisp Data Platform and the Excel Destination Connector to use this connector. Please get in touch with your Crisp representative if you have any issues or questions regarding your subscription.

Note: The Crisp Data Platform Connector does not support Internet Explorer 11.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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