CHEQ internal communication chatbot

by Talk-A-Bot Ltd

CHEQ is an internal digital communication tool for deskless workers via Teams and Viber.

CHEQ is an internal digital communication tool where we can provide solutions to areas where communication has been done by old-school methods.

The goal of CHEQ is to provide a multifunctional digital solution for companies to develop a better employee relationship with the entire organization.

As a nimble internal communication channel, CHEQ contributes to a higher level of involvement in the corporate’s information flow by bridging the gap between management,

office staff, and deskless workers. It gives you easy access to information and announcements from your company to help you stay up to date.
This includes information such as announcements of public interest,

regulatory changes, presentation of a new colleague (for small groups as well), call for danger, or communication of any kind of outages. Technically CHEQ is an easy-to-use solution on secure messaging

platforms such as Viber and Microsoft Teams that don’t need the installation of a standalone application nor training of the employees.
This is why our reference clients reach 60-90% of employee

communication digitalization ratio after the introductory period.

Main functionalities:


    Wizard-based announcement editor with the following steps:

    • Announcement title and categorization

    • Adding text, pictures, attachments, and voice and video files

    • Multiple languages available in parallel Preview of (multi-language) announcements

    • Target group configurator (all employees or a specific group of them)

    • Scheduling announcements or send immediately

    CHEQ provides personalized document sending too:

    • like payslip

    Live analytics of announcements

    • you can track who read it already


    Automatically respond to pre-loaded frequently asked questions.
    General information accessible from the Menu, organized into multiple levels

    Content can be: text, pictures, videos, pdf, excel, links, wide range of other attachments.
    Employee referral chat flow to collect recommendations.


    Custom surveys can be sent out to all employees or to selected groups

    • Answer options from 1-to-5 buttons Scheduling of surveys

    • Ad hoc and regularly scheduled surveys (e.g. one-time survey, or periodical ones), Anonym responses

    • Results of the survey reported live on the CHEQ analytics interface


    Employees can raise a custom question based on a subject or supporting function (e.g. HR, maintenance payroll, IT, etc.) through the chatbot

    • You can digitalize most of the HR processes by using CHEQ (e.g. employee recommendation)

    • Skill management of the administrator users to handle the necessary tickets only

    • CHEQ creates live chat tickets that enable lifecycle management, status handling, and categorization

    • The system automatically sends a notification to the administrator who received the live chat ticket Live chat tickets are reported on the CHEQ analytics interface


    • Training the administrator users that are chosen based on the results of the workshop (e.g. HR or Management team members)

    • Specifying the structure of the chatbot in cooperation with #COMPANY’s experts

    • Sharing best practices and creating a communication plan for the implementation of the chatbot


    Employees can access CHEQ via Viber, MS Teams chat platforms, or with the own mobile application of the company on their smartphone (either private or company provided).

    With the usage of these platforms, you can create a widely used internal communication channel.

    Administrators can manage CHEQ via a dedicated web application or as an extension of MS Teams.

    Teams The software is available in 100+ languages.

    The software runs in Azure and developed using Microsoft Tools. You need a valid Azure subscription and CHEQ license to use the application.

Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can access personal information on the active message, such as phone numbers, postal addresses, or URLs. The add-in may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.

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