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Empower your leaders with tools/learnings/insights to continuously supercharge their teams.

It can be hard to know what’s going on in your organization. It’s even more

difficult in the current times when the workforce is remote and

distributed. Most leaders have dashboards that provide real-time views into

sales, marketing, product development, and customer support. But very few

leaders have a real-time view into the ultimate keys to success or failure

- their people.

Are your employees engaged? What are the blockers for your team? What

actions need to be taken? What are the best practices?

Traditional means of measuring employee engagement have been too

infrequent, too static and too contained within HR and the executive suite.

The result has been a limited understanding of what drives employees and a

limited impact on improving it. To effectively navigate today’s challenges,

businesses not only need to equip leaders with the tools that help them

understand top impact areas but also invest in developing their management

capability. Enter SuperBeings!

SuperBeings allows organizations to continuously capture high quality data

right in the flow of work:

1. Based on proven organizational psychology science, the SuperBeings 48

parameter assessment provides the most comprehensive coverage of workplace


2. The parameters are aggregated into top level output indexes –Engagement,

Job Satisfaction, Manager Satisfaction and Emotional Wellbeing

3. With just one question a day, employees can respond in seconds, not


4. Basis survey feedback, firms can plan actions and intervention to drive

strategic priorities & change resulting in a better workplace for you.

In order to use this app, user's organization must have an active

SuperBeings subscription.

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