The Captivate Hub

by Captivate IO Ltd

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Live chat software with Microsoft Teams, chatbots, and any channel of your choice

The Captivate Hub is an Microsoft Teams App that allow Microsoft Teams to act as a live chat using any channel or any chatbot.

This means you can save money by not buying live chat platforms but also pass conversations from customers to anywhere within your organisation - and even across to other organisations using Teams or other live chat platforms.

The Captivate Hub allows organizations from the smallest to the largest to easily expand their use of Microsoft Teams outside of their companies bringing live chat across all channels into Teams.

It provides native Teams integration, not just a tab on the Teams app, but right there inside Teams. This means that anyone you choose can talk to the outside world – contact center agents, subject matter experts or even C- Level execs without spending anything on a live chat platform.


- Expand Teams to the outside world

- Supports all major channels.

- Numerous and expanding extra features such as Natural Language routing and a selection of main vendor services

- Supports leading vendor chatbots

- Supports cross organisation routing of chats across different chat platforms

- Open and growing platform for channels, live chat solutions, chatbots and system integrations

- Platform for developers to add their own Natural Language apps

The Hub provides an open architecture that is designed to grow with the Conversational Systems industry and your business needs. As the industry adds vendors, chatbots, channels and live chat solutions, The Hub opens these all up to customers and organizations. This means that businesses can keep pace with the burgeoning conversational systems market leveraging its benefits while avoiding its pitfalls such as vendor lock-in.

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