Manufacturing AI Tools


A set of tools focused on production and scheduling of manufacturing company using AI techniques.

The goal is to provide customers with fast, simple and effective tools that allow them to improve the quality of their company's production and management organization.

This set of basic and advanced tools for Excel support the user in his activities of planning and scheduling with Excel.

Currently available tools are focused on production and scheduling of manufacturing company that use Excel for their planning operations.

The tools are developed by Novigo Technology part of Sedapta group, leading in advanced solutions for manufacturing.

If you have an Office365 account, this will be used automatically to login. You will be able to use a demo account with all the features but limited in number of rows and int the usage time (90 days). If you don't have an Office365 account you will be prompted to register on the site On the site site you can purchase a full license for the addins.

Planner. Optimizes resources and materials planning. This tool implements MRP logics and optimization algorithm for finite capacity planning.

Scheduler. Finds the best schedule production plan and interact with a Gantt chart fully integrated with Excel. Optimize your production schedule taking into account due dates, precedence, alternative resources and setups. Use an interactive Gantt diagram to change your schedule with a full bidirectional integration with your spreadsheet.

Forecaster. Forecast your demand using statistical algorithm based on historycal data.

DDMRP. Extends your mrp with the ddmrp algorithm. The Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning algorithm optimizes the inventory build a buffer with three levels that is able to set the reorder date and quantity. This buffer is built in order to be able to manage the variability of the demand for certain products labeled as decoupling points.

Mixed Model Assembly Line (MMAL). Finds the best mixed-model assembly production plan. Taking in input a list of production order and their feasible resources. This tool returns the optimal product mix minimizing the product changes.

Cut Optimizer. Finds the best way to cut a coil. The Cut Optimizer aggregates your production order minimizing the waste of the available coil or suggesting the production of the right coil.

Material Assigner. Finds the best assignment of row material to production order. The material assigner finds the best assignment between a task and a material that can accomplish that task, among a list of possibilities given by a bill of materials.

Workforce Manager. Finds the best assignment of an operator to a task. It is able to find the right assignment for each operator based on his skills, maximizing the efficences of the overall schedule.

Warehouse Layout Optimizer. Finds the best layout for your warehouse. Taking in input a warehouse layout and a list of historical orders, this tool returns the optimal location of your goods in your warehouse. Optimizing the picking time of your sales order.

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