by Biva Analytics Private Limited

Biva excel will help query e-commerce data from all available e-commerce and marketing sources.

Focus on selling, not reporting.

Biva is an outcome of deep experience in e-commerce growth consulting. It provides essential reports and insights across all facets of an e-commerce business, including sales, customers, marketing, product, profitability, inventory, and customer service. We designed it to free up valuable resources from time-consuming report generation and enable stakeholders to focus on decision-making. 

Biva Excel add-in: 

Leverage the unparalleled power of both the worlds (Biva, Excel) using Biva Excel add-in 

  • Give your analysts the flexibility to work on well-accustomed excel without losing out on the ability to analyze crucial data points aggregated from multiple platforms. 
  • Either customize your reports in Biva and sync them in excel or sync existing reports from Biva and customize them in excel. 
  • Get the holistic picture of your business by combining our reports generated based on the data from various platforms like 

  • Advertising
  • Marketing

  • E-commerce store
  • Marketplaces
  • Analytics
  • Customer support
  • Warehouse

  • Shipment
  • POS systems

  • Get a unified view of your business by merging reports of multiple stores/ countries. 
  • Start organizing and analyzing your reports immediately once you have them in excel. Dive into your numbers to figure out what is and isn’t working — and then get straight into optimization.

Key features:

  • The easy one-click interface of excel add-in gives you the power to login to Biva and pull whichever report you want. 
  • Choose your reports and time dimensions just once, no hassle of updating the date ranges every day - our add-in saves the view.
  • Get all your selected reports synced to excel as per your need. Biva can update reports hourly.


  • To configure your datasources, you will have to signup to our product Biva
  • You would need to buy individual datasources on our product.
  • You need to give access to datasources for us to create datasets and reports.
  • Once datasets are created, you can use the same login to install excel add-in.
  • Please note there is a fee to individual datasource and you can find the pricing here

Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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