SPS My Power Automate Approvals

by M365-Solutions

Use this web part to show all pending power automate approvals for current user.

SPS My Power Automate Approvals web part, which allows current user to view and go to pending approvals created for him/her. Now this web part allows user to act on the pending workflows / approvals.

You must have approval flows created first. When the power automate system gets the pending items, it will start showing up in the web part. This web part shows only pending approval items in the screen.

Here we are providing the 5 best layouts which show information very efficiently on the web part.

SPS Quick Launch Web Part is responsive & usage SharePoint theme for it's coloring.

This web part support SharePoint theme. Currently this web part is for SharePoint Online version only.

Supported Hosts :


SharePoint Full Page

Teams Tab

For any support :

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