Asana integration by adenin

by adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc

Embed your Asana projects straight into SharePoint pages and Viva Connections dashboard

Optimize your workflow by integrating Asana with SharePoint through adenin's powerful integration. This seamless connection allows for the direct embedding of Asana tasks into your SharePoint environment, creating a unified workspace where you can manage tasks without switching between applications. adenin simplifies this integration, offering a developer-friendly interface to ensure a smooth and efficient setup.

Integrate Asana tasks directly into SharePoint, providing a centralized view of your projects

✅ Utilize advanced search capabilities within Asana's data to generate dynamic views for your SharePoint web part

✅ Ensure a cohesive workflow across the Microsoft 365 suite, enhancing productivity and collaboration

✅ Turn Viva Connections into a project management superhub by adding Asana cards

Frequently asked questions about SharePoint Asana integration

What data sources are available for Asana?

Asana offers 11 data sources, including "Get a team's projects," "Get a user's favorites," and "Search tasks in a workspace," facilitating a comprehensive access to your Asana tasks directly within SharePoint.

Is the SharePoint integration free?

Yes, SharePoint integration is provided as a free channel within adenin, which integrates various work apps into a personal dashboard. However, using Asana data through adenin may result in usage charges based on your selected plan. For detailed pricing, refer to adenin's pricing page.

What is adenin?

Adenin is a platform that integrates all kinds of work apps into a personal dashboard as well as your other work applications, such as intranets or chatbots. Bear in mind that, even though channels such as SharePoint are free, the use of adenin (including using data from Zendesk) incurs usage charges according to your plan. See the pricing page for details →

Who benefits from integrating Asana with SharePoint?

This integration is ideal for IT, Marketing, and Sales teams in organizations of any size, streamlining task management without requiring technical expertise. adenin handles all authentication with Asana, embedding data into an Adaptive Card layout within SharePoint.

Is technical knowledge required to set up this integration?

No, the integration is designed to be accessible for busy managers and professionals, enabling straightforward setup without coding. adenin provides a low-code Card designer for further customization, supported by step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free implementation.

How is data security managed between Asana and SharePoint?

adenin uses secure OAuth standards for data access and sharing, allowing users to control and revoke permissions at any time. This ensures data is not stored on adenin servers but securely transmitted to SharePoint, adhering to strict privacy policies.

By leveraging adenin for Asana and SharePoint integration, you gain an efficient, streamlined platform for managing tasks, enhancing team collaboration and productivity within your digital workspace.

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