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Use Advanced Analytics for Correlation Analysis: Alerting, Trend Lines, Ranking & More!

Are you trying to see if your two or more variables might mean something when put together? Plotting a scatter/bubble chart with your data points can help you to determine whether there’s a potential relationship between them.

Measure how data sets are related and test relationships between quantitative variables or categorical variables and identify the strength of the relationship between desired variables in a correlation analysis using a scatter/bubble chart.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • 10+ Templates - Select any of the pre-defined templates to configure the required plot style or use 'Build your own' template to build from scratch
  • Chart Types – Choose from two types: Scatter and Bubble chart
    • Scatter chart – Display correlation between two sets of data along an X and Y axis.
    • Bubble chart – Add another dimension to scatter chart to indicate the size and magnitude
  • Play Axis – Allow end-users to observe changes in the data over date or time dimensions with an easy to enable play axis option
  • Strategic use case – Enable variance lines with color customization based on the x-axis, y-axis, or size values
  • Marker customization
    • Marker images - Use custom images to represent categories used in the legend
    • Marker types – Select from five different marker types including – circle, square, upward triangle, and more!
  • Data driven rules for Alerting – Use Conditional Formatting to highlight outliers based on set rules, to gain insights on your data
  • Storytelling using Annotations – Enable interactive storytelling by adding additional context to specific data points
  • Advanced Analytics – Gain extra insights on your data by configuring reference lines, trend lines and reference bands
  • Runtime Interactivity – Select from a variety of node styles to match your preferred aesthetics and enhance visual consistency
    • Ranking based on Top/ Worst performing categories
    • o Lasso, Reverse Lasso, zoom – report end-users can toggle zoom and lasso with a single click using the utility menu

Why choose xViz visuals?

Why choose xViz visuals?

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