Advania Power BI for Business Central

by Advania

Power BI reporting for Business Central from Advania.

Do you need better reporting for Business Central?

Advania Power BI for Business Central provides reporting for customers in the form of Power BI dashboards focused on sales and finance in one package.

Take control of your finances and make data-driven decisions with ready-to-use sales and finance reports.

The Advania Power BI app contains all the essential information for making better decisions and supporting the analysis required for finance and sales. The App contains multiple pages, with each page focusing on a specific aspect of the business.

Sales - Overview

This is a dashboard showing key metrics for sales performance for the company, including profitability analysis and comparison to last year.


The Items report analyses sales, cost, and profitability by Item Groups and includes drill-down into further details e.g., by customers and time periods.


The Customer sales report has the same functionality as the Items report but focuses on the customers and payments.

Sales Orders

The Sales Order page is a drill-down page is connected to the other sales pages enabling analysis of underlying sales orders behind any line or aspect of sales shown in the other tables. This creates a powerful tool to find outliers or errors and to study the consumer behavior of individual customer groups or items.

Finance - Overview

The Finance Overview is a dashboard focusing on the key metrics for finance, including KPIs and comparison to budget and last year.

Income Statement

This report contains the Income Statement, including comparison to both budget and last year. It includes drill-down into further details by documents for further analysis.

Balance Sheet

This report contains the Balance Sheet, including KPIs and relevant dashboards. It includes drill-down into further details by documents for further analysis.


Please note that this app has a dependency on Advania Power Platform for Business Central, available from AppSource. User must also have a Power BI Pro license to open the reports.

GL Accounts must be correctly structured in Business Central for all KPI's to be calculated correctly.

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Supported languages:

This app is available in Icelandic (Iceland).

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