Trade Insights - Trade Performance

by International Economics Consulting Ltd

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Trade Insights - Trade Performance Dashboards

Access trade data for more than 200 countries and discover patterns and trading opportunities. Obtain valuable data and information on the Trade Indicators, Trade Performance, and Trade Logistics dashboards. Analyse the share of exports and imports between two countries using the Bilateral Exports and Imports dashboards.

About Us

International Economics Consulting has developed the Trade Insights Dashboards, which aim to share and distribute some of the company’s analytical work on trade and investment with the general public.

Trade Performance Dashboards

Trade Indicators

Provides country-wise data on Trade in Goods and Services. It also shows the ratio of Trade to GDP along with performance of exports in Goods and Services and their performance by market.

Trade Performance

Shows the cost to export against the Logistics Performance Index for the selected country, the trade to GDP ratio of the country to the world, and also the comparative advantage of the country categorised by sector and service.

Trade Logistics

Helps analyse and compare trade logistics measures for countries. It also shows the highest and lowest bilateral trade cost partners.

Bilateral Imports

Provides information on share of sector imports between two countries. It also shows the import value by sector for the chosen countries.

Bilateral Exports

Provides information on share of sector exports between two countries. It also shows the export value by sector for the chosen countries.


  • Sectoral Perspective
  • Country Perspective
  • Interactive Charts and Maps




  • International Economics’ CEO Paul Baker makes the Who’s Who Legal: Trade & Customs listing for fifth consecutive year (2015 - 2020).
  • International Economics selected Best Specialised Economic Consultancy – Mauritius by 2020 Legal Awards, hosted by Acquisition International.
  • Adviser to G20 Governments.
  • Consultancy provider to World Bank, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, World Trade Organisation, Word Economic Forum and others.

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