by Paradigm BI

Xero4PowerBI liberates your Xero data for your business

Xero4PowerBI liberates your Xero data into the PowerBI service and makes it available in the App and also to other PowerBI Apps, Paginated Reports and Excel. Use this App to publish data in PowerPoint presentations.

Xero is an excellent financial management system; however, providing access to your Xero data is difficult. Xero4PowerBI is a cost effective multi-platform reporting system that allows for fast-paced reporting on your financial status and enables financial information to be shared across your organisation using bookmarks and alerts on the desktop and mobile devices. Xero4PowerBI creates datasets that Excel users can easily use in pivot tables and charts.

The App is free to download and has sample data. Xero4PowerBI requires the OdataLink service to access your Xero data. You can start with a one-month trial subscription, and a paid subscription is required for ongoing access. Connection is quick and simple.


Xero4PowerBI provides several benefits for businesses. Insights into key performance measures are readily available displayed as charts and KPIs. Using the Power BI service to disseminate critical business information to your staff members when they need it. Share business information without requiring a Xero logon, based on requirements. Reports are securely viewable on desktop or on mobile devices. Standard Reports such as Cash Flow, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance and Accounts Receivable are available. The Logo and Organisation Name from Xero appear at the top of all reports. The Logo extracted from the 'Standard' theme in Xero. This App is fully customizable to your needs.

Data Sharing

Power BI alerts and notifications combined with dashboards provide a powerful tool for monitoring business health. You can easily download transactions to Excel spreadsheets and disseminated using Paginated Reports as PDF. The Power BI service offers a scalable solution, for existing PowerBI users, the Xero connection is extremely cost effective. New users can adopt the level of service and access that they require. Business Intelligence is an important part of the modern data-driven organisation. Xero4PowerBI gives you a unique opportunity to find key insights from your accounting data in a cost-effective manner while retaining control over access.

This update includes a new Current Position report with Mobile view. Changed image visual to 'Simple Image'. Changed P&L filter to 366 days on ordinary report and budget.

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