Human Resource Management System HRMS

by AAR Technologies Ltd

Progressive & Advance HRM portal that makes a real difference

Why Strom HRM
Implement StromHRM and watch systems automatically fall in place. Irritating concerns just vanish and the workplace is a fun zone again! 
A simple HR system is a must for all organisations. Track all employee life-cycle activities, simplify HR work and get deep insights with zero effort. 
Say goodbye to rework, boring excel sheets, confusion, data duplication and inconsistencies! Say hello to happy employees and higher profits!

Highlighted Features
1- Employee Digital Files
2- Secure Employee Portal
3- Document Management
4- Facial Recognition Attendance System
5- Job Key Performance Indicators
5- Appraisals and Performance Trackers
5- Leave and Time-sheets Management
6- Team Management
7- Employee Schedule Rota
8- Incident Management
9- Payroll Integrations
10- Reports
11 HR Administrator Dashboard
12- Employee Secure Dashboard

At a glance