Altia's Covert Operations Solution

by Altia Solutions Ltd

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Manage high-risk, sensitive and confidential operations

Ensure compliance, enforce policy and reduce risk when managing informants, undercover operatives and surveillance authorities with Altia’s end-to-end Covert Operations Solution.

Data integrity and decisions are vital when dealing with CHIS (Covert Human Intelligence Sources). Ensure risk management, compliance and records management is maintained across your organisation’s covert and overt operations.

Introducing ACOS

ACOS provides a single solution to managing Confidential Informants, Undercover Operations, Surveillance Authorities (including TEI) and other covert activities and is the global leader in risk, information and intelligence management across all covert operations.

Capture everything.

From field intelligence to executive decisions, ACOS captures all aspects of covert operations in one place. With powerful search and reporting capabilities, ensure end-to-end oversight of your operations, and use your valuable information from diverse sources, all within ACOS, across all covert capabilities.

Your policy enforced.

Ensure your organisation complies with policies, standards, human rights, legislation (including RIPA/CCA) and procedures through systematic rule sets, enforcing compliance across your high-risk operations. Don’t leave expectations to interpretation; ACOS will guide your members to compliance and protect your organisation, your members and your community.

Save money and time.

Let your members focus on what they are good at, spending less time reporting and more time keeping communities safe. ACOS’s intuitive interface allows for rapid data entry and mitigates duplication. The automated workflows allow your team to easily access the mission-critical information they need right at their fingertips.

Highly secure.

Leveraging Role Based Access Control and the most secure information and cyber security principles, trust that your most sensitive information is secure. Hosted on industry-leading technology, real-time threat detection and prevention disrupts malicious actors, mitigates reputational harm and, most importantly, keeps your cooperating community members safe.


Eliminate the capital expense of implementation and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure. Altia will deliver our Software-as-a-Service right to your users at a fixed, all-encompassing predictable subscription fee. A better solution. Reduced fee.


Microsoft Azure ensures high availability, scalability and accessibility when you need your Altia solution the most. With data centres globally, you can not only ensure data-sovereignty but also geo-redundant resilience in the event of a disaster or service outage. Minimise service disruption and data loss by relying on multiple data centres in your region, supported by only the best. Microsoft Azure.

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